Dingo and his Viking Master

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Dingo and his Viking Master


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A 9K short story featuring characters from Sly's Mission, Valhalla Warriors Three.
Caldor "Pappy" Erikkson is from a different time, 900 AD to be exact. He's lived centuries without his mate - until he sees a sweet Pup named Dingo at his friend's home. He knows the moment he sees Dingo/Cary Grant-Holland, the Pup is his.
While on a trip with his roommate, Cary uses his EMT training to save actor Hogan Lee and befriends the Little and his Valhalla Warrior Daddy, Sly. When his fellow biker stops by, Cary finds himself swept up in Caldor's arms and the love he's always craved.
The Valhalla Universe is full of Amazonian Warriors, Valkyrie, gods, goddesses, war heroes who ride motorcycles, and the humans who love them. The Valhalla Warriors is an LGBTQ Series that is insta-love, and low angst.