Stress Less - The Essential Guide to Reducing Stress

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Stress Less - The Essential Guide to Reducing Stress


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Overloaded with work?
Boss shouting at your ear?
Deadlines coming from left and right?
Feeling the pressure and stress from everyday life?
Well, read on, because you’re going to find out how to reduce stress once and for all!
First of all…
What is Stress?
Stress is what we feel when we’re overworked, when we’re dreading something that’s about to happen or when we’re generally unable to relax and stay calm due to outside or inside factors influencing our thoughts.
But it actually goes beyond this. Stress is a basic physiological reaction that is designed to help us focus and survive.
In itself it is not a bad thing and is actually rather adaptive.
The problem is that it has been taken out of context, which means the positive effects become outweighed by the negative.
So What’s The Solution?