When Love Bites ( An Alpha Bad Boy Romance )

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When Love Bites ( An Alpha Bad Boy Romance )


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Bruce Harris and Matt Wilson, mechanics and best friends for more than twenty-five years,
share their passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Just like every other person on planet
Earth decides to do at one point, they decide to take a break. What is better than a road trip
across the States?
They leave their birthplace of Boston on a bright, cool, late-September day. Matt likes to
gamble. Bruce is not a fan of gambling but joins his friend for the long ride to Las Vegas.
Somewhere along the way, they witness a deadly accident where Matt finds large bags of
money in the back of a truck. He wants to take it, but there is a problem; They used to be
members of a motorcycle club and only left it because Bruce wanted to start a legitimate
business. Matt desire to take the money puts his best