Vigilante Annie Scarlotte

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Vigilante Annie Scarlotte


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"I'll never look at coffee creamer the same again." T.W. Barton, The Indie Evangelist
It was only months ago when Annie was overtaken by an mysterious illness.
Now, the story begins with Annie relishing in the afterglow of her first
feeding of fresh human blood. She has found the cure.
But there is much more to Annie than being a bloodsucker.
The story unfolds when Marcus, Annie's boyfriend, argues with her over keeping a journal with incriminating evidence. Because Annie has yet to find her birth mother, and has never known her real father, Annie grows closer to a father figure named Larry. There is bubbly Elisa, who for some reason went silent months ago; and there is unplanned drama for Annie and Marcus when her target is congresswoman Kim Bardner.
You will be drawn in instantly!