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The story of how I got drafted into the world-savin’ business isn’t so complicated.

Amelia Thornhill directed a vampire at me.

Turns out, I have a higher calling and I feel horrible every time I have to lie to Mama about my job. It's been the two of us since I was five years old, so leaving home is painful, but Amelia says I put people in danger by staying. Because I’m not a normal girl, there will be no college graduation ceremony, no wedding to a nice man, and no grandbabies for Mama to spoil, but I'll let her hold on to those dreams as long as possible. Making sure she's taken care of always comes first.

How Agent Seven found her calling and turned into a kick-butt chick. This story is a prequel to NEVER TRUST A VAMPIRE. This series is intended for readers 18 and over.