Settle Down Now Revised Edition Part 1

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Settle Down Now Revised Edition Part 1


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Part One of the serialised version of the novel.
Ten years on from the events of Unsettled, Charmaine Donnet, now a billionaire, is in the spotlight in the most humilating way. Her search for Mr Right is turning into a media circus, and Robert Hart is not far off in the horizon...
Part One introduces Charmaine when she learns of Joss’s plans for her, we are left wondering what Joss' ultimate plan for her is really. Meanwhile, Rob is looking for finance for repairs to The Sunflower, and he can't help wondering why the name Charmaine Donnet is so familiar.
Set in South Africa and the Indian Ocean, with echoes of Rob and Charmaine’s previous life in Scotland, Settle Down Now moves from Durban to Richards Bay to the yacht The Sunflower.