A Witchy Girl

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A Witchy Girl


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Betraying his clan has never been a possibility for Avice Selleck. But with his hand clasped to Yarra’s, he knows that redemption is not a possibility. He is now an outcast, keen on being with the woman his mother wanted assassinated.
Yarra has questions of her own too. Why is Alicia Selleck, the leader of the clan, intent on having her killed? What secrets and resentments does she harbor towards Yarra?
As the two lovebirds escape into the night, they find themselves reuniting with one of Avice’s old friends; one who shares the same fate of banishment as he does. To Yarra’s surprise, Avice’s mysterious friend also holds the very key to unlock her past.
With the Keeper of the Blades hot on their pursuit, Yarra and Avice must rely on each other to survive.
Yarra has already seen the fut