Morgan's Magic

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Morgan is worried about using his magic. He doesn’t want to hurt someone (someone else, that is – Lew assures him that Dum doesn’t count). But with his dragon suddenly so vocal inside him and his magic bursting out of him, how can he hope to control it?

Lew just wants to make Morgan happy. When Morgan needs reassurance, Lew is there to provide it. And, bonus, he gets to watch his mate being amazing.

If only Morgan could see himself the way Lew sees him. Luckily, Morgan’s learning a lot about his true nature and there’s nothing his dragon can’t do while his fated mate is beside him.

A mm romance between newly mated dragon shifters.

A 7,000-word story in the DRAGON’S MATE series, Morgan’s Magic is a special bonus short story following on from Family of Fire and features an established couple.

Warning: contains explicit language and scenes.

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