Dirty Boss

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Dirty Boss


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The first rule of business? Always get it in writing.
The second: never mix business with pleasure.
I guess that makes my new boss a rule breaker.

My new job is good for entry-level. Get coffee, make files. Always answer the phone on the first ring. I'm not expecting to have much face time with the boss, and that's okay with me. Aside from his dark hair, mischievous eyes and hot-as-hell tattoos, he's also known around the office as a controlling, hard-headed jerk.

But when he slips me a note on my second day of work - a dirty note that I can't bring myself to throw away - I realize I might be in for more than just face time with him.

And unlike the boss, I've never been much of a rule breaker. But now, breaking the rules has never felt so good.