Lemonade & Loose Lips-Episode 1

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Lemonade & Loose Lips-Episode 1


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From Amazon Bestselling Author Gianni Holmes comes a gay romance

Everyone knows Eli operates a Lemonade Stand for the yearly Summer Fest Celebration.
Everyone knows he makes the best damn lemonade this side of town.
So when his insufferable neighbor and the bane of his existence decides to take over Eli's turf, lines are drawn. War is declared.

Everyone knows Dawson spells nothing but trouble.
Everyone knows he lives to rile up his nemesis.
So when his secret crush slams Dawson's idea of a kissing booth for the Summer Fest, Eli decides he's going to ruffle the feathers of the perfectionist goody-two-shoes of a neighbor of his.

Whose lemonade will bring the best crowd? Is it Eli's secret concoction or will Dawson's charms one-up Eli?