Edge Of The Rings (Book 3) A TechnoThriller Science Fiction

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Edge Of The Rings (Book 3) A TechnoThriller Science Fiction


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A captured clone trafficker leads Mark Warren and Axel Von Radach down a black hole of conspiracy, deceit and murder. They discover a triad of wealthy, cunning criminals bent on blowing Terra’s Space Program back to the dark ages.
To address this new threat, the military recalls Captain Warren with all the top experts, hoping to speed research capable of defeating their adversaries. Instead…a catastrophic explosion kills dozens of these world-famous scientists on the hallowed grounds of the military’s headquarters.
Terra and Mars again join forces to chase the outlaws halfway to Jupiter. On their homeworld, Warren and his friends battle drug lords, human-looking AIs, and an army of androids, all while in an extreme live or die rescue—for one of their own.