Signs of Love: Spring

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Signs of Love: Spring


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Life loves to spring starry surprises.

Writing flowery love horoscopes is not something Flynn Reilly ever saw himself doing. But when he’s hired to package them up with extravagant bouquets and deliver them to his slick, always smiling Sagittarian frenemy . . . well, a struggling florist must do what a struggling florist must do.
Luckily for this Leo, where every rose has its thorn, every thorn has its rose. These horoscopes aren’t technically from him. So . . . who says he can’t let out a little snarky subtext?
Only now, his Sagittarian frenemy has him making up flowery love horoscopes in response . . .
He hasn’t spent this much time around those soft, sexy smiles since . . . they were best friends.
Keep it professional.
But . . . could this sow the seeds of something special?