The Sauveterre Siblings Sampler

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The Sauveterre Siblings Sampler


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The Sauveterre Twins were media darlings, adored by all for their remarkable resemblance and charmed lives. But when the girls were just nine, one was kidnapped--leaving scars on the entire family that are still felt today.

Book One: Angelique is still protective of her twin, but Kasim is determined to have her all to himself!
Book Two: Determined never to be a target, Henri refuses to marry--until his mistress turns up pregnant, with twins!
Book Three: Ramon brutally crushed Isidora's girlhood crush on him, but now he needs her. She's not ready to forgive.
Book Four: Trella, the reclusive twin, winds up pregnant! How? Xavier thinks it could be his heir, but she's not telling.