The Lair of Shadows and Light

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The Lair of Shadows and Light


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They were nine, trained under a mighty chief, the head disciple of the goddess Lakapati, the de-facto leader of the corporeal realm. Then one had turned traitor, costing their chief’s life.

Now, leaderless and with a host of tasks to perform — their responsibilities to the mortals of Sansinukob and the elementals of Hiwagaan, and fulfilling their departed chief’s last wishes — they face more challenges than they can handle.

On one hand, is their traitorous campmate who reemerges stronger.

On another, the constant attacks of Sitan’s servants — deadly entities they are not taught to fight.

Then, unbeknownst to them, their only hope to even the odds — their elemental guides, allies who wield the power of the universe, are weakened by their old nemesis.

The result is devastating. To them, and to their world.