What Happens in Italy

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What Happens in Italy


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**Please note that this is a 25,000 prequel to Breakout, the first in my San Francisco Strikers series. This can be read before Breakout as a lead in to see how Penny and Ethan first met in Italy, or it can be read after Breakout as bonus material. There is no HEA in this prequel and it is not a standalone. You've been warned!**

Things Penny never expected to have happen in her life:

Walk in on your cheating fiancé and promptly cancel the wedding...check!

Sustain an injury on the dance floor at the bachelorette party that never should've happened...check!

Head to Italy on your non-refundable honeymoon, just you and your crutches...check!

Act totally out of character with a man you'll never see again...