Making Friends

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Making Friends


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Do you have naughty neighbours?
Jacey and Dominic do
When happily married couple Jacey and Dominic move into their new neighbourhood, they're surprised at how friendly everyone is. Jacey is quickly won over by the wives on the street and intrigued by Joe, the resident handyman.

When the neighbours invite Jacey and Dominic to one of their Saturday night parties, the couple learns just how very close-knit the group on Honeysuckle Court is. Do Jacey and Dominic really need extra excitement in their marriage?

And Jacey can't help but wonder - will Joe be there?

Intended for those 18+ due to many sexual situations with a variety of partners!

˃˃˃ Jacey and Dominic have moved onto a street full of sexy swingers
Check out the titillating tales of the neighbours in the erotic romance