Beltway Gremlin by R. L. Saunders

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Beltway Gremlin by R. L. Saunders


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Indecision has been known to kill people. In politics, it just makes fund-raising harder.

That's why we gremlins love the politicians. When they built Washington on our swamp, we got the best deal out of it.

Us and the faerie-folk.

Until then, we only had the natives and the migrant colonists to work with. Influencing their minds and helping them to live more "interesting" lives."

But when they paved over that swamp and replaced it with all sorts of statuary, and homes and lots of unelected bureaucrats, then the fun began.

It's said that the Beltway changes people. No - they are all listening to us - and changing their minds, constantly. Just to keep from going crazy...

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