The Dragons of Underhill: Before the Winter Queen

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The Dragons of Underhill: Before the Winter Queen


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The life sustaining magic that runs under the crust of the dragon world is disappearing, sucked up by the evil black dragon, Monoleeath. And no queen dragons have been born for centuries.
Ice dragon shifter, Doyle Atavantador, newly promoted to Queen Zianth’s personal guard, is determined that nothing will happen to her as they go to a dangerous meeting with the last of the dragon queens.
As Monoleeath attacks, Zianth charges Doyle with leaving her and protecting one of the last queen eggs. Doyle is faced with the ultimate test of his loyalty. Will he abandon his queen and his world to Monoleeath? Will he form an alliance with the other dragon guards? Will he be able to be both guardian and parent to the baby queen in the egg and what happens to her if he fails?
(Short prequel)