A Trinity of Wicked Tales-- Jilted

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A Trinity of Wicked Tales-- Jilted


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Stay out of their way or you'll get more than a knife in the back.
Trev is in a desperate spot. He needs a fix to ease the cold sweats and teeth-clattering jitters. He’ll do anything to ease his pain, Including taking another life.
Natalie is tired of being at home alone. Too many late nights pass without Jason in bed next to her. Fury boils deep in her gut, taking her back to a familiar dark place. It’s time to teach Jason a lesson about loyalty before it’s too late.
Phil had it all. A beautiful wife, a good-paying job, and a secret life full of drugs and beautiful women. A single event sets off a cascade of heavy blows that threaten to knock Phil’s perfect life off-kilter. But Phil’s not going down without a fight.
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