Post Mortem

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Post Mortem


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Danny Davies is proud to work at ‘Winscombe Funeral Home, Crematorium and Cemetery.’ His job is not exactly run-of-the-mill yet in a curious way, Danny enjoys treating the dead with care and respect. Mr Winscombe, his employer, is meticulous in his work; a very private, much esteemed member of the community of Lychgate and somebody Danny looks up to.

When Mr Winscombe mysteriously disappears one afternoon, Danny is naturally concerned. After all, the man is usually such a stickler for routine. He goes to the police later that evening when there is still neither sight nor sound of his boss.

As a courtesy, the police despatch two officers to Mr Winscombe’s home. Little does Danny know that the town of Lychgate will be forever changed afterwards. As will his opinion of his boss.

Some things are meant to be buried.