Love Stones, Saving The Billionaire

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Love Stones, Saving The Billionaire


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Debbie Brown was a school girl growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts. She knew that she wanted to do big, big things one day. That's the way her father brought her up with all of his support, that is how she became the first, nonpublic, Navy Seal. ( that's Top Secret ).

Harriet Rothchild grew up on the other side of the country in liberal, pot smoking San Francisco. Her father was a successful, rich, immigrant businessman and he taught Harriet how to make money. Big money.

Harriet didn't know it was possible, but she fell in love with the woman of her dreams. This woman was a smart, Texas hard, business adventurer and she and Harriet were headed to the stars, until......

The sky fell down.

This is how Brown, Debbie Brown and Harriet came together. And, watch out. They both k