Playing with Seren

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Playing with Seren


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Dane can’t wait to show Seren how happy he can be with the Hoskins clan. He wants to give Seren the world, starting with some family time with Dane’s cousins. They’re off to their private beach to play some team games and get to know each other.

Seren is excited to be playing a game. His first ever one. Now that he’s a Hoskins, he’ll have to get used to all this fun they have. And the fact that his mate is there, taking care of him, just makes it all better. That doesn’t mean Seren’s going to leave his competitive streak at the door, though. He’s got a lot to prove to his new clan, after all.

A m/m romance between two newly-mated dragon shifters.

PLAYING WITH SEREN is a 5,500-word bonus short story in the Dragon’s Mate series. It’s intended to be read after Heart of Fire.