Erotic Romance Starter Pack (7 Story Bundle)

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Erotic Romance Starter Pack (7 Story Bundle)


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The Erotic Romance Starter Pack is a 7 story bundle that allows you to sample different steamy series from author Mindy Wilde. Links are provided at that end of each story in case you would like to read the rest of the books in that series. These titles range from Alpha Males and Billionaires to New Adult and Paranormal. Most of the stories are a quick sexy read that you can fit in during a lunch break or at night before you go to bed for a little "inspiration"!

The stories included in this 7 story bundle are:
Desires Part One
Crave Part One
Friends With Benefits (Sin City Secrets Vol. 1)
The Bet (Billionaire's Bed Vol. 1)
Private Island (Sexy Summer Vol. 1)
Lust (Immortal Desires Vol. 1)
Paranormal Pleasure (A Vampire's Tale Vol. 1)