Abbie 1, Raven Harbor Lane short reads

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Abbie 1, Raven Harbor Lane short reads


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Meet Abbie Dutton: fresh-faced, pretty and in her prime. But she's fallen off her career path and lost touch with her dream. And now she's lost her mojo. The man she's in love with doesn't know she's alive.
Then in walks Gareth, rock star on the rise. Her savvy best friend and master temptress Charlotte is on a mission to score her a roll in the hay. She's determined to make a believer out of her friend yet...

GET the Prelude: Sneak Peek Box Set, Raven Harbor Lane - a collection of the first books of Abbie, Charlotte, and Ariana, in one box set. 99 cents for now...

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Raven Harbor Lane, Abbie, Book 1
Raven Harbor Lane, Charlotte, Book 1
Raven Harbor Lane, Ariana, Book 1

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