Nate Thief Catcher

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Nate Thief Catcher


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Torn between duty and desire…
An elusive thief on the run, a gorgeous suspect he can’t resist…
Will his secrets cost him everything?
Nate Hawke, a Guardian with a brilliant mind, loves catching criminals. When a thief siphons a fortune from a large corporation, it's a case he can't pass up.
He meets Emily and the brains behind her beauty fascinates him. Could she be the elusive thief? Nate can't resist her. Their white-hot chemistry sizzles.
But deadly danger stalks Emily . Compelled, she can’t stop stealing to save her life.
Will Nate reveal the deep secrets that could change everything? Caught in a heart-stopping cat and mouse game with Emily, Nate must act before it costs her life.
You’ll love Nate Thief Catcher because it combines sizzling paranormal romance with danger and suspense