Alien Destiny: SciFi Romance Book 1

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Alien Destiny: SciFi Romance Book 1


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In the year 2978, Jessie Hampton finds herself joining an army expedition team in order to help her pay for college. This beautiful young woman with long, brown hair and doe-like blue eyes has no idea what will befall her when her crew lands on Karkast, a barren planet that has just been attacked by the evil Sarceastians, phantom-like aliens with evil, red eyes.
On Karkast, she comes face to face with Yahn, one of the last surviving members of his race. Although she is supposed to capture him and bring him in, something compels her to keep her mouth closed. When one of her crewmembers tries to attack Yahn, she defends him.They visit strange planets and colonies, seeking a peaceful place to call home. Can they find a planet where they can settle down or will they only find hostility?