Midnight's Sonata

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Midnight's Sonata


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come up with a plan to get her out of the house for the summer by sending her to an arts camp over the summer. She thinks things will be different there. No one knows her. But the camp director seems to zone in on her. Ms. Munroe knows she is keeping secrets and makes it her mission to find out.

Mara starts to feel like an outcast again under Ms. Munroe's watchful eye. One night, things get bad and she is indulging her demons and gets caught. Ms. Munroe confesses why she has been so focused on Mara all summer and Mara's mother and Chauncey's plan to send her to camp suddenly becomes clear.

It changes Mara's life forever. Nothing she knew about herself is true, not even her name. She now must make a new life with someone she knows hates her. She's being pushed to talk about things that us