Webley and The World Machine

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Webley and The World Machine


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Why is there an elevator here?
Where does it go?
And what's the deal with the giant mechanical spider?

As Adal pursues the prospect of university, the reality of life hits him hard with the unexpected death of his grandfather. Can he handle the tragedy alone? Thanks to his best friend Arija, he doesn't have to...

Arija has known Adal her whole life and she's always had his back. But when the truth is revealed, can she handle what lays ahead?

The elevator opens.

And a hidden world lays before them. A world that is in the middle of a fierce civil war. A world that needs Adal and Arija to put things right.

But can two snarky teenagers do what needs to be done? Will sarcasm have a price? You'll love this adventure because of the fantastic beasts and wonderful machines