Cozying up to Snow White

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Cozying up to Snow White


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We all know the tale of Snow White, right?
Evil step-mother + poisoned apple = disaster, but kindly dwarfs + handsome prince = happily ever after. This is not that story.
Wicked step-mother is no more, and the prince has been sent on his way. Bettina - which is Snow White’s real name - lives at home with her father, the king and her brother, Mathias.
But Prince Mathias is betrothed, and prior to his wedding, with the castle full of royal families, there comes a princess who has heard tales of the one who forsook the good-looking prince. She seeks out Princess Bettina in a secret hideaway protected by a magic spell.
A primitive urge is awakened in Bettina, and she gives in to her darkest fantasies.