Song of the Fae (Preview)

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Song of the Fae (Preview)


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First a prisoner, then a fugitive, now Roshène must earn her freedom.
Roshène’s blood is powerful, but she’s trapped in a nightmare without memories where her every move is controlled by a demonic sorcerer. When a chance to escape appears, she seizes it and flees.
Alone and with no one to turn to, Roshène accepts help from Hunter, a Fae guardian, and they undertake a hazardous journey to safety: the prize—the return of her memories. Along the way, she becomes increasingly dependent on and attracted to Hunter.
In exchange for their protection and help, the Fae will demand payment. But the question haunting Roshène is, will Hunter turn out to be just another jailer or her savior?

Song of the Fae is a gripping romantic thriller that will take you into an exciting urban fantasy world!