No Mistakes Writing, Volume I—Writing Shortcuts Checklist

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No Mistakes Writing, Volume I—Writing Shortcuts Checklist


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Everybody loves shortcuts. Don’t deny it; I know you do. Think of how many times you’ve been driving somewhere with a buddy, and you hit a traffic jam. How great did it feel when you could say, “Take a right at the next road. I know a shortcut.”

This is a shortcut for every-day life. If you use a keyboard to type, this book will save you time, lots of time. 

You may have tried a text expansion app before, and maybe you didn’t have much luck, but this book isn’t about any particular app, it’s about a process. A process anyone can learn, and more importantly, anyone can remember.  

I’m not going to call you an idiot if you don’t use it…well, maybe I will. So just pick up the book and use it. It only cost a few cups of coffee.