SAMPLE--Her Wolf's Guarded Heart

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SAMPLE--Her Wolf's Guarded Heart


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Protecting beautiful women is one of the perks of being a security expert. But when your wolf insists she's your mate, it can be pure hell. Mate or not, Connor McKinnon is here to do a job, and he means to see it through. His wolf can just go chase his own tail for all he cares.

EmmaLee Donovan's bodyguard might be hotter than sin, but he's stubborn, guarded, and doesn't share her passion for all things paranormal. How ironic is that? He's a shifter for heaven's sake! Not only is he nothing like her abusive ex-boyfriend, the man is absolutely mouthwateringly irresistible.
After she and Connor stumble across the path of a larger-than-life killer, she ends up on a passionate journey of self-discovery that she may not survive.