Hell Freezes Over: Book Three of the Paladin Sequence

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Hell Freezes Over: Book Three of the Paladin Sequence


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Can anyone survive the night when demons face the Hands of God? After the events of Devil's Night, Paladin has been released by the Knights of Fatima - only to face prosecution by the Inquisition. As the forces of Light align against themselves, a greater threat looms; Renegade exorcists have been abducting citizens without Bureau authorization. In the Heartland, Paladin and Ironblood are caught in the middle of conflict within the order known as the Hands of God. At a distant outpost in the plains of Nebraska an icy blizzard traps the exorcists in the clutches of a horde of demons bent on killing them all. Unexpected allies emerge as factions fall. Will the exorcists survive the Devil's Deception? Learn the Truth... when Hell Freezes Over!