Android Paradox (Android X Book 1)

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Android Paradox (Android X Book 1)


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The future belongs to humans and androids...or is that a paradox?

The year is 2300. Humans and androids live in peace after a devastating singularity and years of war.

Xandifer “X” Crenshaw is an android special agent who hunts down rogue androids and dismantles them. No one evades him for very long.

When a fellow android agent goes maverick and starts a killing spree, this time it’s personal. And if X doesn’t disable his foe swiftly and silently before the press finds out, it will shatter the alliance between humans and androids forever.

X and his human partner, Shortcut won’t rest until this mission is complete---unless they end up dead first. If you love science fiction thrillers, then grab your copy of Android Paradox today!