When The Sun Shines

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When The Sun Shines


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A fun and gritty story of hope, love and survival.

Don't we all have secrets?

Her family accept the poverty of 1970s Liverpool because they've known worse. Josie tries to do the same but desperately wants more.

To console herself she does something she knows will bring trouble but what else has she got?

It's not as if she wants that much.

A house with a garden, even a bathroom would be nice, but she’d settle for a room of her own.

She's told she’s lucky to have a job but does she have to be so grateful when her horrible boss gets nastier every day?

For now, there’s no way out.

Then she meets Mick. He seems to offer more, though her friends say not to trust him.

But what do they know?

Grace Jolliffe is the award-winning author of The Sunshine Girl and Piggy Monk Square.