The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction

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The Guardians - Threat Of Extinction


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The Guardians – Threat Of Extinction begins with a Lataran Guardianship leaving their home planet on a mission to investigate a report that one of their protector planets had been attacked by a new enemy alien race called the Tyrax who have invaded their star systems. First Commander Òmon is in charge of the Guardianship named Poltara. What Òmon finds on the mission is abhorrent to his species.

The Tyrax would not negotiate for peace. They seemed intent upon eliminating any race they discovered to take control of the planet for themselves. This act of extreme annihilation could not be tolerated and the Latarans were now at war with the Tyrax. Not only were the Tyrax determined to destroy the Lataran people, they used a new terraforming weapon on every world they attacked to make it suitable for their species.