Succubus and the City

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Succubus and the City


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Small-town succubus meets snow white and they prove that all you need really is love.

All his life, Sebastian has wanted to live in New York. Now he's there, and it's . . . underwhelming. He has no family, friends, or even close acquaintances there, and a personal tragedy has left him feeling more isolated than ever before. Maybe he's a small-town succubus after all. He's ready to throw in the towel when Finn Marshall crashes into in his life. The raven-haired enigma's pick-up line is tantamount to a carjacking, and the night only spirals further out of control from there. Finn is on the run from his wicked stepmother, who wants to kill him so she doesn't have to share his dead father's fortune and power. Can he and Sebastian escape her huntsman and set things right?