The Same Old Love

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The Same Old Love


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Ben Hollister and Dillon Bard have been friends since they were cast as stepbrothers in a sitcom at the age of ten. Despite Ben being the straight-laced one, he was cast as the rule-breaking Joey Bridges, and Dillon the one who kept a lid on his antics.

At sixteen, the show’s producers created Bridges & Bard, a country/boy band to boost ratings, launching a music career that ended after obsessed fans nearly assaulted Ben and Dillon during a tour. Ben quit the business while Dillon continued to tour.

Five years later, Ben watches Dillon spiral out of control on social media while wondering why no one sees how much trouble Dillon is in. When Dillon shows up at his winery, drunk, stoned, with no memory of having made the LA to Sonoma drive, all the feelings Ben has been trying to run away from come barreling back to the surface.