Recursion (Part 1: Interlopers) Preview of First Two Chapters

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Recursion (Part 1: Interlopers) Preview of First Two Chapters


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Time travel is real . . .

A cave in Eastern Kentucky contains a portal that leads to a hotel in 1950s Paris. A particular prison chamber in the palace of China’s Yongzheng Emperor leads to Manila during the Philippine-American War, and a basement in a 1970s Chicago tenement building will take you directly to the labs of the ISD (Isochronic Securities Department), a top secret branch of the United State Government. Since the early 70s, the ISD has traveled these “tunnels,” protecting them from Interlopers—illegal travelers. Molly Gardner, an agent for the ISD, has spent her career tracking illegal travelers. But after encountering a particularly dangerous Interloper, she discovers nothing about her life is as it once seemed.