Their Spoiled Virgin

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Their Spoiled Virgin


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The Cress Twin’s always get what they want…

Baileys a virgin. The one thing that twin brothers Tyler and Logan Cress try their hardest to stay away from. Yet one look at her and they both know they need to have her…

Theres this deep rooted desire to possess her body, to bend her at our own will. Just one taste we tell each other, until she lets us taste her, and the carnal need to be hers takes over.

She’s never been with one man let alone two but we aren’t about to give up… we know deep down inside she can take both of us.

Yeah, she might be too naive, and young for my brother and I but one taste will never be enough for us… One slip inside her warm hole and we’re both done.

She’s going to be our’s no matter what she thinks…

WARNING: contains TWO very hot alpha twin