Shambleau by C. L. Moore

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Shambleau by C. L. Moore


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HAD Northwest Smith, the famous outlaw of the spaceways, been able to foresee the future, he would not have shielded the frightened, scarlet-clad girl from the wild mob pursuing her through the narrow streets of Lakkdarol, Earth's last colony on Mars. "Shambleau! Shambleau!" the crowd cried with loathing and disgust, but Smith drove them off with his blaster and took the exhausted girl to his quarters. There was no hair upon her face — neither brows nor lashes; but what lay hidden beneath the tight scarlet turban bound around her head?

So begins one of the strangest, and possibly the most famous, of stories by C. L. Moore. When it first appeared "Shambleau" was acclaimed by readers, authors, and editors as the debut of a truly gifted talent...

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