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The Silver Strand - Book 1 in the Mastermind Academy Series

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The Silver Strand - Book 1 in the Mastermind Academy Series


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Science geek Isabelle Tresdon would rather conduct experiments than play basketball. But one day in gym class she sprouts a seriously freaky silver strand of hair. Hard to hide and determined to cause trouble, the strand sparks like a firecracker when she tries to cut if off on the school bus. Its enough to label her the class alien. Left humiliated she wishes it never sprouted, and it withers and tarnishes.

Just when things look like theyre getting back to normal, two Masterminds arrive with an invitation to learn magic at Mastermind Academy in Agartha. It appears to be a dream come true, until she learns that her silver strand is dying, and she with it. Now she only has five days to save it. Easy peasy, right?

A middle grade fantasy adventure for 9-12 year olds.