Is Masturbation Okay?: Sex Ed Column (Dear Lilith)

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Is Masturbation Okay?: Sex Ed Column (Dear Lilith)


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No questions should go unanswered. No pleasure should go unfulfilled.

Dear Lilith, a new sex instruction series by steamy romance author Lilith Darville, will answer your burning questions, bring light to hidden fantasies and prove that you hold the key to your own satisfaction. With each new column, Darville will take readers on an exploration of the sexual roads that feel too uncomfortable to navigate, sadly forcing the inquisitive to turn back with fear and inhibition. Well no more!

Taking back your own sexuality and your own desire should never feel wrong. This series allows you to fulfill those fantasies by finally asking the questions that you were too fearful to ask. Lilith unabashedly uses her own experiences coupled with current research to explore subjects often considered tab