The Dragon Knight

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The Dragon Knight


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‘There are multiple forms of the truth, and they are people’s words. Live your truth and share them with others.’

The floating city of Sedayval was considered the pinnacle of human civilization. Governed by High Priestess Iktai and Queen Vahana IV, the city was the most splendorous in the whole world. For three centuries, the Jewel of Maan had maintained peace and order in Sedayval.

For Shera, the existence of Maan was highest form of truth. As a Young Acolyte, Shera was sworn to uphold the sanctity of the goddess, and be the vessel of the Jewel of Maan.

But the arrival of Vahren, a mysterious Dragon Knight from the eastern regions of Shando shakes Shera’s conviction. She begins to question Maan’s existence and realizes that the very Jewel she is supposed to protect contains a siniste