Elites: Supers of Project 12 Exclusive Preview

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Elites: Supers of Project 12 Exclusive Preview


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What would you do if you could read minds? Not just see but feel someone's deepest, darkest secrets?

Or control electricity with a wave of a hand? Manipulate time and space? Bring toys and objects to life?

Would you use that power for good or evil?

That's what the survivors of Project 12 must decide.

Astrid doesn't remember much about her childhood, at least not before her parents death. After that her memories of the group home and the other eleven boys and girls that lived there are vague and scary. But not as scary as the doctors she had to visit each week or the shots that they gave her.

But she isn't a child anymore. She's an adult and with her mentor's help, has carved a life for herself and the powers she wields. She's safe. She's capable. She's super.

Until it all comes cras