Seduction A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

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Seduction A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance


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Lilah Jones has always been in love with her childhood friend, James Brody – and at adulthood, she finally decided to take love by the reins and seduce the socks off the gorgeous man. With no training in hand and only a handy book to help her out, Lilah starts off with seduction – only instead of seducing her childhood love, she ends up seducing the bane of her childhood existence! If only he didn’t kiss that good, things would be easier.
Finn Brody is your typical bad boy – restless, reckless and a magnet to womankind. With his irresistible charm and his dangerous looks, he can just about get any woman he wants – except the one who seduced him in darkness, aka his almost-sister. To spare her the humiliation of her weird seduction moves, he enlists to help her out instead – with cooking, c