The Art of Upgrading a Book Boyfriend

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The Art of Upgrading a Book Boyfriend


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Zoe Benedict lives her life in books. With no time for a real boyfriend, she spend her hours playing make-believe with a host of fictional book boyfriends. That’s until one dull Friday morning at work turns into the day that could change everything. When Tristan the Arse McCannon lets her down on his most recent assignment, Zoe has to call on the enigmatic Tom Carter to help her fix the problem. But when real life starts to encroach on her reading time, will Zoe play it safe and stick to her books? Or will she learn The Art of Upgrading a Book Boyfriend and find a real man of her own?

The Upgrading of a Book Boyfriend, is a unique opportunity to see the characters we love from The Uni Files from a unique outsider’s perspective, and to meet a character from The Uni Files – Year Three: Th