Synco (TM) by R. L. Saunders & J. R. Kruze

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Of course it was a normal day. SNAFU - as usual.

But no one noticed, as usual.

The world felt more and more programmed. Or pre-programmed. Life had become a video game, a matrix-spawn. All around me thought this was normal

But no one considered that I would simply revolt.

Because I found out a secret. By visiting an old used book store. One where they somehow made a living selling used books over and over. There were no monitors there, no TV. Smartphones stayed in pockets, preferably off. This store even had a local jammer installed just to make sure people didn't interrupt other people.

That day, I found a secret. Written in print on an actual piece of paper.

It started a revolution. It pulled me out of "sync" - and so I was hunted...

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