Annie, The Brides of San Francisco, Book 2

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Annie, The Brides of San Francisco, Book 2


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At twenty-two, Annie Markum dared to dream of a different life and risked everything to become a mail order bride. One year later, she finds herself on a friend's doorstep, penniless, pregnant, and a widow. To get back to New York will take money she doesn't have. She's got no choice but to accept work as a cook in a local saloon.

Saloon owner, Nick Cartwright, took one look at Annie Markum and fell hard for his friend's mail order bride. A year later, she's back in his life, a widow with a precious daughter to protect. Nick will do anything to convince Annie to give him a chance, except the one thing she demands...sell his saloon.

And Annie realizes that sometimes, in life and in love, you have to fight dirty to win.