My Dear Mr. Corporate

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My Dear Mr. Corporate


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I was a “kept” man before
We all knew how that turned out
After losing my job, my home and, my comfort
The last thing I needed was to make myself dependent
On another man
Even if that man was Tate
After days of loving in the woods
We were back in the real world
With real world problems
And this time I was adamant
I would not let another man solve them…

I chased after Bry to the city I had left behind
You’d have thought that would show him how much he meant to me
But after his experience with Keith
Bry developed a crazy streak of independence
And wouldn’t accept my help
I hated watching him struggle
But could hardly focus on him when I had my own problems dealing with
For being back in the city
I had to confront the past hurt
And there were some people who just wouldn’t leave